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Advanced technology makes a big decision easier

Choosing a sperm donor can seem like an overwhelming task. Our photo match can help narrow your search by showing you donors that look like a specific person.

The tool uses advanced technology to find similarities between the person in your image and our donors. For this comparison, we use images of our donors as adults that are not publicly available.

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How to create your photo match

Use a high-quality photo

To get the most accurate result, use a high-resolution image of the person facing the camera with his or her face clearly visible.

Avoid images of the person wearing a hat or other headwear which will obstruct the clear view of his or her face. Heavy beards will also skew results.

Upload your photo

You're able to use the photo match tool when you're logged in as a user on our website. Creating a user is easy and free of charge.

Once logged in, go to the sperm donor search and follow the instructions to upload your photo.

Filter your results

The photo match tool doesn't distinguish between colours of skin, hair or eyes. If you have specific wishes for any of those features, you can use the filter options in the result overview page to narrow your search.

Our guidance

Getting a manual photo match

If you're looking for a donor with a very specific facial feature like a curve of the nose, you can ask us for a manual photo match.

If you'd like a manual photo match, you need to send us an email with the following information:

  1. The names of three to five of the donors identified by the photo match tool that you like the most.
  2. The image you uploaded to our website to get your photo match.
  3. A clear description of the facial feature that you would like your donor to possess.

We'll then compare the donors you selected to non-public images of our donors as adults to try to find the feature you're looking for.

It takes us about three days to complete a manual photo match.

Donor search

Want to search for a donor with photo match?

All you need is a login to our website and a photo of the person you would like the donor to look like. Get started here.