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Number of sperm cells in a straw

What does MOT stand for?

MOT is short for Motile Total, which is the way to express how many sperm cells are moving forward. MOT is counted in millions per millilitre, so MOT20+ means that there are more than 20 million forward-moving sperm cells in a millilitre. A straw of donor sperm used for insemination contains 0.5 millilitres, so a straw of MOT20+ will give you a total of over 10 million sperm cells for insemination. MOT10+ straws contain about half of the same amount.

European Sperm Bank offers both MOT10+ and MOT20+ straws.

IUI treatment

Use MOT20+ for IUI treatment

A lot of clinics and researchers believe MOT20+ offers the best chance of pregnancy. These researching institutions include Shady Grove Fertility, which has 22 clinics across the United States. The group has gathered data from 47,500 IUI cycles with different MOT levels. Shady Grove Fertility concludes that the chance of pregnancy is 50% larger when using MOT20+ for IUI treatment.

IVF treatment

IVF treatment and MOT10+

If you're attempting conception through IVF, your eggs will be fertilised in a Petri dish in a lab. This means that MOT10+ straws with 5 million motile sperm cells will be sufficient to achieve fertilisation.

Unsure of your treatment type? Go ahead and purchase MOT20+, as this works for all types of treatment.

Why does motility count vary?

Motility count may vary as there are various counting methods. As we've mentioned, motility is a term that refers to the number of sperm cells moving forwards, but what qualifies as 'movement'?

WHO suggests three levels of sperm movement, from non-motile to straight moving. At European Sperm Bank, we only count sperm cells within the best category, but even within this category, there are different counting methods. As an example, your clinic might only be counting the top tenth percentile in the category.

Screening of donors

All potential donors are submitted to a screening process and selected based on a range of parameters.