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Personal characteristics

Our donor profiles include a range of detailed information. Apart from physical attributes such as height, weight, blood type, ethnicity, hair and eye colour, profiles also include baby photos, family history, hobbies, personality, and education. You can also read a description of how our staff have experienced the donor when he's come in for his appointments with us.

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Our donors take a personality test inspired by Myers-Briggs, which provides potential parents with valuable information about each donor's unique traits. For more in-depth analysis, visit, our favourite resource.

Adult portraits of donors

See hand-drawn portraits of donors as adults

Several donors now have a hand-drawn portrait of themselves as adults. To give you and your child a better idea of the donor as an adult, a Danish artist made the portrait based on a photo we have of the donor as an adult.

It is up to the donor to select whether to include an adult portrait in his profile, so adult donor portraits are not available for all donors. The adult portrait is available in the image gallery of the donor profile. All you need is an account with us to get the adult portrait for free.

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All families are different and have a unique story. This means that the process of finding the right sperm donor is all about you. Start your search with the characteristics that you find the most important.


Quality and security

All our sperm donors undergo a thorough screening process before they are approved. This process evaluates their semen quality and screens their sperm for hereditary, genetic, and contagious diseases. No matter which donor you choose, you are guaranteed the best quality in donor sperm.


ID release or No ID release sperm donor

There are two types of sperm donors: ID release and No ID release. It is up to the sperm donor to decide whether he wants to be an ID release or a No ID release donor.

Whether both types of sperm donors are available in your country of treatment depends on the country's legislation. If you are unsure of the terms governing sperm donation in your country, we are always happy to provide advice and counselling.

No matter which donor you choose, the sperm donor never has legal responsibility for, nor paternal rights to children conceived using his semen.

What is an ID release donor?

What is an ID release donor?

An ID release donor is what we previously called an open donor. An ID release donor has granted permission for his identity to be revealed to the child when the child comes of age. The child - and only the child - can obtain this information by contacting us.

If the child would like to get in contact with his or her donor, we’ll let the donor know and ask him if he is interested. The donor is not obligated to any form of contact with the child.

What is a No ID release donor?

What is a No ID release donor?

A No ID release donor is what we previously called a non-contact donor. A No ID release donor doesn't want his identity to be revealed to the child. That is the only difference between ID release donors and No ID release donors.

Some people refer to No ID release donors as anonymous donors. However, their identities are known to us, and their online profiles contain a wide range of personal information. That's why it's more accurate to refer to these donors as No ID release donors.


Your obligations

We do our utmost to ensure a wide selection of donors with good sperm quality. We can only achieve that when we take good care of our sperm donors.

When you buy donor sperm from us, you agree not to track or contact our sperm donors. This is out of respect for the individual and what they have agreed to, and also to ensure that young men in the future still want to help women and couples by donating semen.


Sperm donors in your country of residence

When searching for a donor, you will realise that some donors are unavailable in certain countries. The reason for this is that legislation for pregnancy limits and reservations differs from country to country.

If a donor is not available in your country of residence, this is clearly stated on the donor's profile. There, you can also see the countries where treatment is possible.