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A gift to you and your family

At European Sperm Bank, our commitments to families go beyond helping aspiring parents have a healthy child. We are also there for you and your little ones as they grow up.

Research shows that telling your child they are donor-conceived as early as possible is one of the most important things for the well-being of a donor child and their understanding of themselves.

That is why we have partnered with Sensitive Matters, an online publisher of personalised books, to gift our customers their own copy of "The Magic of You". A personalised book designed to help you start the conversation about donor conception with your child.

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A webinar provides a clear overview of what you need to know in preparation for your fertility journey, regardless of where you are in the process.

Our seasoned advisors cover everything from choosing a sperm donor to coping emotionally in a safe and caring environment.

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Telling the story of your family

"The Magic of You" is an engaging book for donor-conceived toddlers or pre-schoolers featuring delightful illustrations. In concrete and age-appropriate language, the book tells the story of how you had your child with the help of donor sperm.

You personalise the book to fit your family – all the text can be edited, pages can be added or deleted, and you can insert photos of your family to make the story your own.

The book is quick to make and suitable for solo mum, LGBTQ+ and heterosexual families. To get started, request your gift code at the link below.

Receiving your copy of The Magic Of You

In order to get your own copy of The Magic of You, you need to create the book on our partner website, Sensitive Matters. First, request a gift code from us by clicking on the button below. The book is a gift from us to European Sperm Bank customers, so having a gift code ensures you do not need to pay for the book. You only need to pay the shipping fee.

Within five working days, we will send you an email with the gift code and further instructions, so you can start creating your own book on Sensitive Matters’ website.

Consider having a few pictures of your child ready when creating the book because you get the option to include your own images at the end.

Have fun creating your family story!

Support for donor-conceived families

We consider it our responsibility to guide all families created with donor sperm, and we provide a range of activities and resources aimed at supporting parents and donor children.

One thing we recommend when raising a donor-conceived child is to have an ongoing conversation about your child’s origins throughout their childhood. Your child won’t grasp what it means to be donor-conceived from just one conversation. ​

We offer a comprehensive guide to parents on our blog if you wonder when and how to start the conversation with your little ones. It’s never too early to start the conversation.