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Thérapie Fertility + European Sperm Bank

A close collaboration

Thérapie Fertility and European Sperm Bank have a unique partnership. Our dedicated teams guarantees you a seamless process when being treated with donor sperm.

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Thérapie Fertility + European Sperm Bank

Fewer worries for you during treatment

There is no room for delays or misunderstandings when you or your partner are in fertility treatment with donor sperm. For that reason, it is reassuring to know that Thérapie Fertility works closely with us at European Sperm Bank.

Our collaboration gives us a good understanding of the essential details. For instance, how Thérapie Fertility prefers us to handle and deliver the donor sperm. This knowledge saves you time and energy in a process that can be overwhelming at times.

Trusted quality


At European Sperm Bank, we keep two sets of eyes on every step of the process. Before being shipped in the safest way possible, we carefully prepare your order for transit. You can count on us to keep your order safe on its way to Thérapie Fertility.

We deliver all units of donor sperm frozen in what is called a straw. We pack your desired number of straws in a shipping container that is kept cool using liquid nitrogen vapour. This way, we protect the quality because the straws maintain a constant temperature all the way to Thérapie Fertility.

Our screening process

High-quality donor sperm

All our sperm donors undergo a thorough screening process and are approved individually by our Medical Team.

No matter which donor you choose, you are guaranteed the best quality in donor sperm.

Join our free webinars

A webinar provides a clear overview of what you need to know in preparation for your fertility journey, regardless of where you are in the process.

Our seasoned advisors cover everything from choosing a sperm donor to coping emotionally in a safe and caring environment.

A webinar is free, and you can ask questions along the way.

Book a free consultation

A fertility consultation is your chance to get in-depth, personalised guidance on your fertility journey or your donor choice.

We help you find the right donor and explain the process, so you can take the next step in your treatment process with peace of mind.

This service is free and comes with no strings attached.

Genetic matching

Being a Known Carrier

Perhaps you already know that certain disorders run in your family and you want to prevent your future child from inheriting these conditions.

In that case, we recommend you to take a free Known Carrier Match. All you need in order to find a genetically compatible donor, is a carrier status report detailing the condition(s) that you are a carrier of.

Our long-term commitment

Supporting children and parents

As a sperm bank, we understand that what we do has a lasting impact on our customers and the children. That’s why we provide guidance on life as a donor-conceived family and support donor-conceived individuals in various ways.

If you're considering fertility treatment with donor sperm, we recommend that you spend a little time learning about life as a donor-conceived family.

Find the right donor for you

All families are different and have a unique story. That means that the process of finding the right sperm donor is all about you. Start your search with the feature that you find the most important.

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