Reserving your donor

Sperm storage

By registering for a storage unit in our sperm bank, you ensure that you will not be adversely affected if your dream donor becomes unavailable during the course of your treatment.

Straws for the entire Treatment

Advantages of storing sperm

Store straws from your selected donor in a European Sperm Bank storage unit to ensure that you have enough straws from the same donor to see you through your treatment.

By registering for a storage unit, you increase the chance of becoming pregnant by the same donor in the future. Should you choose to have more children, this increases the likelihood of your children being genetic siblings. One of the advantages of using the same donor for multiple pregnancies is that you already know it is possible for you to conceive using their sperm.

Register for storage

What do I do?

When you order straws online, you can select a storage unit and length of storage at checkout.

If you register for a storage unit during fertility treatment and you do not use all your straws, you can choose to store the additional straws in case you want to have a second child later on.

We can store your purchased straws for as long as you want and are happy to refund 75% of the cost of the sperm stored by us if you end up deciding not to use it.

If you want to register for a storage unit for potential siblings, we recommend reserving the straws as soon as possible. If you wait too long, there is a risk that the sperm donor will no longer be available.

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All families are different and have a unique story. That means that the process of finding the perfect sperm donor for the child of your dreams is all about you.