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Thérapie Fertility + European Sperm Bank

A close collaboration

Thérapie Fertility and European Sperm Bank have a unique partnership. Our dedicated teams guarantees you a seamless process when being treated with donor sperm.

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Thérapie Fertility + European Sperm Bank

Fewer worries for you during treatment

There is no room for delays or misunderstandings when you or your partner are in fertility treatment with donor sperm. For that reason, it is reassuring to know that Thérapie Fertility works closely with us at European Sperm Bank.

Our collaboration gives us a good understanding of the essential details. For instance, how Thérapie Fertility prefers us to handle and deliver the donor sperm. This knowledge saves you time and energy in a process that can be overwhelming at times.

Our promise to you

The best sperm quality

To guarantee you the best chance of pregnancy, we sell nothing but the best for your particular treatment type. Our sperm donors undergo an extensive screening process to make sure that they are healthy and have excellent sperm quality. During the screening process, we’re also able to eliminate candidates with inheritable conditions like cystic fibrosis or Tay-Sachs disease.

Finding the right donor

Advanced technology makes a big decision easier

Choosing a sperm donor can seem like an overwhelming task. Our photo match can help narrow your search by showing you donors that look like a specific person.

The tool uses advanced technology to find similarities between the person in your image and our donors. For this comparison, we use images of our donors as adults that are not publicly available.

Trusted quality


At European Sperm Bank, we keep two sets of eyes on every step of the process. Before being shipped in the safest way possible, we carefully prepare your order for transit. You can count on us to keep your order safe on its way to Thérapie Fertility.

We deliver all units of donor sperm frozen in what is called a straw. We pack your desired number of straws in a shipping container that is kept cool using liquid nitrogen vapour. This way, we protect the quality because the straws maintain a constant temperature all the way to Thérapie Fertility.

Consider screening your genes

We're all carriers of genetic disease. That's because our genes contain errors - or mutations. Even if we're not sick ourselves, our mutations can cause serious disease in our children.

We screen all our donors carefully before they're allowed to donate. But the future mother's genes play an equal part in determining the health of her child. In many cases, a child inherits a genetic disease because the man and the woman have mutations in the same gene.

To reduce the risk of having a child with a genetic disease, we've developed GeneXmatch. GeneXmatch compares the genes of the prospective mother with her chosen donor to determine if the future child is at risk of inheriting a serious disease.

If you'd like to know more about GeneXmatch, get in touch with us via email. 

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