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Making the decision

Choice of sperm donor

When searching for a sperm donor, it is possible to access different types of information and donors from different locations. Regardless of what matters to you, you can find it through us.

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Personal characteristics

Sperm donor profiles include a range of detailed options. Aside from characteristics such as height, weight, blood type, ethnicity, hair and eye colour, profiles also include baby photos, family history, hobbies, voice type, personality, and education. You will also be presented with the Staff Impression, which is our description of the donor.

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All European Sperm Bank sperm donors undergo a personality test. This helps ensure that you get a more in-depth image of the person behind the sperm donation. Our personality test is developed by Dr Keirsey and describes four distinct personality types: Artisan, Guardian, Idealist, and Rational.

Donor Search

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All families are different and have a unique story. This means that the process of finding the perfect sperm donor for the child of your dreams is all about you. Start your search with the characteristics that you think is the most important.

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Quality and security

All our sperm donors are selected based on an exhaustive screening process. This process evaluates their semen quality and screens their sperm for hereditary, genetic, and contagious diseases. No matter which sperm donor you choose, you are guaranteed a donor of the highest quality.


Open or non-contact sperm donor

There are two types of sperm donors: open and non-contact. It is up to the sperm donor to decide whether he wants to be an open or a non-contact donor.

Whether both types of sperm donors are available in your country of treatment depends on the country's legislation. If you are unsure of the terms governing sperm donation in your country, we are always happy to provide advice and counselling.

If it is important to you that your sperm donor is either open or non-contact and it is impossible to choose e.g. an open donor in your country of treatment, you can use our search function to choose another country to receive the treatment in.

No matter which donor you choose, the sperm donor never has legal responsibility for or paternal rights to children conceived using their semen.

What is an open donor?

An open donor has granted permission for their identity to be revealed to the child once the child is of age. If you choose an open sperm donor, European Sperm Bank will help the child establish contact with the donor once the child is of age. We will notify the donor that the child would like to establish contact and offer a DNA test to assure the child of its genetic origins.

What is a non-contact donor?

A non-contact donor has not granted permission for their identity to be revealed and contact is therefore not possible. A non-contact donor is also known as an anonymous donor, but as their identity is known to us and their online profiles contain personal information, it is more accurate to refer to them as non-contact donors.


These are your obligations

We do our utmost to ensure a wide selection of donors with good sperm quality. We can only achieve that when we take good care of our sperm donors.

When you buy donor sperm from us, you agree not to track or contact our sperm donors. This is out of respect for the individual and what they have agreed to, and also to ensure that young men in the future still want to help women and couples by donating semen.

If you have chosen an Open donor, children can contact us when they turn 18, to establish a contact.


Sperm donors in your country of residence

When searching for a donor, you will realise that some donors are unavailable in certain countries. The reason for this is that legislation for pregnancy limits and reservations differs from country to country. If you wish to use a sperm donor who is only available in a certain country, you can look into the option of getting your fertility treatment done in that country.

If a donor is not available in your country of residence, this is clearly stated. Countries where treatment is available are listed on the sperm donor's profile.