Open vs non-contact donors

Open vs non-contact anonymous sperm donors picture of frozen sperm straw

When an applicant is accepted as sperm donor, he may choose to be an open donor or a non-contact donor (also called anonymous donor).

At European Sperm Bank, we call anonymous donors non-contact donors, as a donor is not legally anonymous under Danish law if we know the donor's education.

Children born from the sperm from our open sperm donors may, when they turn 18, apply to European Sperm Bank to obtain contact with their donor. The contact cannot be obtained by anyone but the child and not before the child reaches the age of 18, and only upon the child's request.

Using sperm from open sperm donors is attractive to some parents who wish to provide a mean for their children conceived through donor sperm to learn more about their biological donors, should they wish to at some point in the future.

For anonymous / non-contact donors, the donor can never be contacted by the recipient or by the child.

Donor rights

Neither anonymous / non-contact sperm donors nor open sperm donors are allowed to receive information about the identity of the recipient or the child at any time. An anonymous / non-contact sperm donor or open sperm donor has no paternal rights to a child born as a result of treatment of a woman using his sperm. It is important to note that open sperm donors as well as anonymous / non-contact donors do not have any legal responsibilities for children born from their sperm.

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