Why become a sperm donor?

Make a difference to women and couples all over the world and get compensated

As a sperm donor, you help women and couples across the world fulfil their dream of having children. You will be compensated €40 for each approved donation. To become a sperm donor, simply apply and follow the application process.

At the European Sperm Bank, we focus on quality. We fully live up to ethical and technical standards, both national and international, in all aspects of our process.

A crucial difference

You can help women and couples all over the world to have a child. To them, your help is crucial.


Once you are qualified as a donor you will be compensated €40 for each approved donation.

Health check

You will receive a free, thorough health check, genetic analysis and regular STD screening.

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What our donors say

I always knew that I wanted to become a dad someday. Suddenly, I started to wonder “what if I can’t make a baby?” I did a lot of thinking about what I would do if my sperm count were too low. Would I consider adopting? Absolutely. I’d have no problem with my child not having my genes, but if I had the option, I would prefer my child to look a bit like me.

I am convinced that it is your environment and upbringing that defines who a child becomes. Therefore, it is important to me that parents, who want a baby out of love, also have that opportunity. As a sperm donor, I am able to fulfil these peoples greatest wish. For me, what is most important in raising a child is love!

// Martin

After talking with a friend, who is a sperm donor, I decided to apply. I liked the thought of helping others. I did the initial tests and was accepted as a donor.

It is a privilege for me to be able to create life and make others happy.

I have been a sperm donor now for almost three years, and the thought of helping others is actually why I keep doing it. I am aware that someday, a donor child may contact me, and I look forward to talking to them and to giving them the answers, they are looking for.

// Nicolai

When I was accepted into the sperm donor programme, there were a lot of things to consider. I had the opportunity to help others, to make my mark on society and get a fair compensation at the same time. Another important aspect for me was the support of my family. I wanted them to know that I am a donor, and they are fine with it.

I have experienced first hand what it does to a person to not be able to have the children, one wants. If I could assist in such a difficult situation, I would be happy to. Personally, I like the thought of passing on my genes and knowing that even if I never have children of my own, a part of me lives on. The money is a very nice bonus. I don’t consider it payment; it’s merely compensation.

// Christian

My wife and I had many difficulties having children. My wife had a fertility check and I had a sperm count analysis, and we had a talk about what options we had within the area of fertility treatment. If my sperm count were low, we would very possibly use a sperm donor.

It turned out that I didn’t have low sperm count, and because of our talk I decided that I wanted to do my part to help others in that situation. It was not a hard decision to make, and I applied right away.
To me, if you want help, you must also help others. I am very happy and proud to be able to help people fulfil their dream.

// Simon


You are compensated for your time

After you complete the application process, you can begin to donate. At European Sperm Bank you are compensated €40 for every approved donation, to cover any out of pocket expenses.

After every donation, you will receive €30. If your screening tests are approved, you will receive an additional €10 for every donation made during each three month period. There must be 48 hours between ejaculations.

Frequently asked questions

Below you can find answers to our most frequently asked questions – our FAQs. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us on +31 20 262 20 28 or email us at ams@donor.europeanspermbank.com

According to Dutch law, you cannot donate sperm anonymously. However, only children conceived as a result of your sperm will be allowed to contact you when they reach the legal age of 18. European Sperm Bank will also know your identity.

You can donate in our Amsterdam facilities at Leidsestraat 32B.

We expect you to donate at least four times per month.

As a qualified donor, you get €40 for every approved donation: €30 right away and €10 after the donation has been screened for STD's and approved. Read more about being a sperm donor.

Frequently asked questions