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Sperm deposit

Many men today choose to store sperm samples in a sperm deposit for their future use. The reasons are many. Some may be facing a vasectomy or a medical treatment that can jeopardise their sperm quality. Others have jobs where they experience excessive heat or they are exposed to chemicals that can affect their sperm quality. Finally, a large group of men do it “just in case”. You can store your sperm for as long as you need it.

1Sperm deposit set-up

  • Sperm count analysis (per sample)
  • IUI-ready preparation (per sample)
  • Freezing
  • Blood tests: HIV I/II, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis B Core Antibody and Hepatitis C viral antibod
  • 1-year storage

DKK 6.400
Including VAT

2Deposit of additional sperm samples to an existing storage

  • Sperm count analysis (per sample)
  • IUI-ready preparation (per sample)
  • Freezing

DKK 3.850
Including VAT

3Reneval of deposit

1 year: DKK 1.303,75

2 year: DKK 2.160,50

3 year: DKK 3.017,25

4 year: DKK 3.687,75

5 year: DKK 4.470,00

10 year: DKK 7.934,25

Prices include VAT

Delivery: Price for delivery in -196 C nitrogen container to a Danish fertility clinic (incl. tank return) DKK 1.300. Including VAT

Sperm deposit

Deposit your sperm in four steps

1Make an appointment

Contact us to arrange an appointment. We recommend that you do the sample at one of our clinics. An abstinence time of between 72 and 96 hours is optimal and will yield the best possible sperm quality.

2Choose duration

You need to consider how long you would like us to store your sperm. Extra years can be added when the storage expires. If your sperm is for delivery directly after analysis and freezing we need the following information: Treating clinic, name and social security number of the woman having treatment. You will also need to ask the clinic if they prefer the sample prepared as IUI-ready.


You should contact us the day after you have delivered your sample to arrange if more samples are needed.

4Blood tests

The mandatory blood tests are drawn in our lab the same day your storage is created. The blood sample is valid for 12 months, i.e. if the depositor wishes to deposit additional units following this period, a new blood sample is required.