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European Sperm Bank

What do we offer?

Genetic screening


As one of the only sperm banks, we offer genetic screening of the prospective mother. Why? Because modern science has shown that many serious diseases are inherited from our parents. Even if we're not sick ourselves, our genes contain errors that we may pass on to our children, causing them to become sick.

To increase the chance of having a healthy child, we've developed GeneXmatch.

Finding a donor

Digital photo match

Choosing a sperm donor can seem like an overwhelming task for many clients. Our photo match can help narrow their search by showing them donors that look like themselves or their partner.

Who are our donors?

Donor diversity

We recruit donors in Denmark, the United Kingdom and Germany. This means that our donor programme features donors from all walks of life in terms of religion, ethnicity, education, job, and sexual orientation. What they have in common is the desire to make a difference by helping women and couples fulfil their dream of having a child.