Los testimonios de clínicas de fertilidad, mujeres y donantes

All companies praise their own products to the skies, but we are well aware that the only ones who can really tell you what it is actually like to use European Sperm Bank are other customers: the fertility clinic and the women

We are proud of the many emails and phone calls from our donors and customers and even prouder that they want to share their experiences with you.


We work with European Sperm Bank because of their professionalism, careful donor selection and the excellent sperm quality

Veronica Mazzara – Eugin – Spain

Thank you for your extreme kindness – it makes a great difference in a situation like this

Rikke – Denmark

Thanks a million. We really can't thank you all enough. Without the ESB we wouldn't have our gorgeous son and another baby due soon.

Christina – Ireland

Thank you for being efficient, prompt and caring. The dealings we have had with you have been straightforward. No hidden costs. No extra charges. It's all explained on your website.

Sara – England

Our daughter is just perfect thank you. She is the centre of our world, her daddy adores her and she has brought us love and happiness we could never have imagined.

Claire – England

You have made our dream of having a baby come true. I never believed in miracles before but now I do. We live it every day with our beautiful boy.

Sara – England

I can highly recommend European Sperm Bank. Questions are handled quickly and professionally by highly dedicated staff. One feels taken seriously and perfectly taken care of in all concerns and desires. If necessary, I would always turn back to European Sperm Bank.

Veronika – Germany

We are deeply grateful that there are "customers in your shop". Without them and you, we would not have been a family with 3 amazing girls. THANK YOU!.

Bodil – Denmark

In March 2014, I was inseminated and got a baby cutie – and now I'd like one more. This is where you come in. I was told that the sperm was delivered by you and I'd like to know if you have any of his sperm left for siblings?

Anja – Denmark

My sweet baby boy is born, and I'm so thankful and grateful for this wonderful gift

Anonymous – Switzerland

The advantages of using European Sperm Bank are the huge choice of donors and the quick service and shipping

Louise – Newcastle Fertility Clinic at Life – England

It's really good that the patients can get a refund on the Pregnancy Slot if they use up all the sperm they have bought and still don’t get pregnant, allowing them to try a different donor

Louise – Newcastle Fertility Clinic at Life – England

Four months ago, I gave birth to a premium child, which has made me want one more. With the same donor of course!

Anita – Denmark

Your work helps to create little wonders! Thank you very much for your organisation and the opportunity it gave me!

Shelly – The Netherlands

Thank you for your help in making my dream come true! Your organisation was very helpful and kind and it made a complicated journey so much easier!

Shelly – The Netherlands

The shipments arrive quickly, and the containers/shipping tanks are easy to return since the relevant forms are already attached

Gili Band – Assuta-Superm – Israel

My daughter is Amazing - smart funny and beautiful. thanks so much for the open donor option which opened the door for me to being a mom!

From Israel

Thank you so much for making it so easy and providing such good information on donors, it was hard to choose between them but that really helped.

Client from England

Thanks for your amazing service! Thanks to you, the whole process a more pleasant for us!

From Israel – private client

ESB performs extra genetic screening of donors upon request. This is especially important since 33% of our clients are carriers of one of the many Jewish genetic diseases

Gili Band – Assuta-Superm – Israel

I enjoy working with my personal account manager. She responds quickly to my emails and once she even asked a donor to come back and donate for siblings for one of our clients”

Gili Band – Assuta-Superm – Israel

Being a donor makes me proud. I like the thought of helping people all over the world to achieve their dream of having a child


I enjoy being a donor in your great facilities. You manage to make it less awkward to do something very private in a clinic.


I have not found the woman for me yet, and somehow it's great to know that even if I should never have kids of my own, there will be a part of me out there in the world.


My sister needed a sperm donor to have my lovely niece and it made me think that everyone should get that chance – and that I could help someone like her.


Being a donor is great. I get to help someone create a dream child – what's better than that? AND I get paid to do so.