How we give life to your choice

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At European Sperm Bank, we work to give life to your choice to create a family through donor insemination. Our donors’ sperm is exported to more than 60 countries, and over the years, European Sperm Bank has helped more than 25,000 families grow. 

European Sperm Bank is a privately owned, value-driven company, and we prioritise high-quality sperm, industry-leading donor testing and dedicated advice above all. We do this to ensure you the best possible experience when making the perhaps most important choice of your life. Getting dedicated advice when you need it by knowledgeable advisors, or here in the online sperm bank, is key to giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

  • Always MOT20+ sperm to ensure you the highest chance of success
  • A warm, seamless and welcoming service online as well as offline
  • Competitive pricing
  • Innovative practices from donor screening to research on donor children
  • Transparent & direct communication
  • After-birth contact & service

Thinking of the future is natural for us, considering what we do. European Sperm Bank simply believes that the children we assist in creating should be able to grow up under the best possible circumstances – and this requires that we give them the best possible start in life. Therefore, European Sperm Bank goes to great lengths when our Medical Director (a clinical genetic specialist and consultant at the flagship hospital in the Danish health care system), our Donor Recruitment team and our laboratory conduct the testing of donor applicants.

At European Sperm Bank, we focus on having a team-spirited attitude in order to get things done for you in the best way – as well as going the extra mile when necessary.  Our goal is to make you feel that we have your back – all the way.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you might have.  


Sincerely yours  

Annemette Arndal-Lauritzen