The sperm donors – ordinary heroes

The sperm donors at European Sperm Bank are normal healthy young men (aged 18-40) with a superb sperm quality that only 1 in 20 has – and a desire to help other people have the children of their dreams.
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The sperm donors come from all walks of life; some are university students, some are craftsmen and some again are pursuing other careers. Some have families and children of their own. The mix of ethnic groups largely reflects the diversity of the Danish society.

Most important is that we know our sperm donors – and that we can vouch for them all the way!

Why sperm donors choose to donate

We get to talk with our sperm donors on a regular basis – and we get to talk with them on a great deal of subjects. Also on why they donate.

While some sperm donors may initially have been interested in the donation fee* or even in spreading their genes, they soon – as the donors themselves state – realise that there are much larger things at stake here: that by donating their sperm they actively help other people to the children of their dreams.

The full profiles describe the individual sperm donor’s motivation to become a sperm donor. This is included in the European Sperm Bank account.

*The donation fee is set as a compensatory fee by the Danish authorities.

How sperm donors donate

All our sperm donors pass through our rigorous screening programme, which includes careful examination of donor/family medical history, physical examination by a general physician and multiple tests. Once they are approved, our sperm donors visit one of our locations where they typically donate sperm 4-12 times per month.