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We value our amazing donors highly and we respect their privacy. The donors have provided very personal information to help you make a choice. In order to protect this information from random Google searches and irrelevant viewers, you’ll have to create an account to get access.
This is free, will only take a few minutes and then you will be ready for unlimited access to our donor profiles. Also, having an account will make your life easier by saving your searches. We hope you too will value the information and treat it carefully.
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Basic impression

Short description, race, ethnicity, donor pregnancies, blood type, weight, height, eye colour, hair colour.


Staff impression

Our staff’s impressions of the donors. This is the first-hand impression from the people who see them on a regular basis.


Educational/occupational background

The donors’ educational background and – if they have completed their training or education – their present occupation or line of work.


Personal characteristics

Learn about the individual donors’ personalities – how they are, what makes them tick.


Fertility history

See how the donors have fared in terms of assisting others getting pregnant.


Family history

The donors’ third to fourth-generation medical history – from their grandparents to their own children.


Interests and hobbies

Learn about the donors’ interests and hobbies; what they like to do in their spare time.


Future plans and dreams

Find out where the donors see themselves in their future; what are their dreams.


Handwritten note from the donor

Some say that you can learn a lot from a person’s handwriting – this may of course also be true for our donors.


Baby photo

This is how the donors looked as children. There may be more than one photo per donor, but please also note that a few donors have not supplied us with baby photos.


Keirsey personality test

All our donors have completed a personality test. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS) is a self-assessed personality questionnaire. To read more about the test, please visit www.keirsey.com


Audio Interview

Listen to the voice of your favourite donors in an audio interview. The audio interview is a thorough conversation where the donor talks about his past, present and future life.