From Home Insemination to Assisted Insemination

Home insemination - pregnant blond woman on sofa
No more shipments to private homes.

From 1st July 2018 Danish legislation forbids the shipment of sperm directly to a client’s home.
Women who wish to have insemination at home will need to consult either a fertility clinic or Health Care Professional (HCP).
As previously, our procedure at European Sperm Bank always requires an HCP, fertility clinic or gynaecologist to assist at any fertility treatment. This also means that we need a signed collaboration contract from the HCP, fertility clinic or gynaecologist.
New legislation has been put in place to increase traceability in order to manage the number of pregnancies resulting from each donor. It will also make it easier to track any children born with potential hereditary diseases.
What does this mean for me?
The new law means that shipments of donor sperm can only be sent directly to a fertility clinic, a gynaecologist or HCP’s address, NOT a home address. Please be aware that shipment of sperm for insemination at home is still not possible to all countries due to local national regulation. You will need to find a fertility clinic, a gynaecologist or HCP to assist you in the process and procedure. The donor sperm will then be shipped direct to your chosen clinic/HCP. For specific details, country legislation, and further information please feel free to contact us or your chosen HCP, fertility clinic or gynaecologist.

I already have units in storage with you intended for home insemination – What do I do now?
You will need to find a clinic or HCP and coordinate the procedure with them. We can assist you if needed. Once you have chosen a fertility clinic, a gynaecologist or HCP to assist you, we will ship the sperm direct to their address.

Why do I need a clinic/HCP to be involved in my home insemination procedure?
This is required by Danish legislation, but it is also for safety reasons and to ensure the best possible outcome.

Who do I ask for further information?
If you have any questions you are always welcome to get in touch with us by email. You will receive detailed information materials from both European Sperm Bank and your chosen HCP, fertility clinic or gynaecologist. This will guide you through every step.