Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the frequently asked questions about donor sperm, purchasing donor sperm, finding a sperm donor, health, safety and much more. You are also welcome to contact us.


Sperm donors

  • Can I get photos of the sperm donor as an adult?+

    We only offer photos of the sperm donors as a baby or young child to protect their privacy. Baby photos can only be viewed with an account.

  • Do you update the sperm donor profiles with new information?+

    We only update a sperm donor's profile if there is a substantial change in the sperm donor’s health status. Before a sperm donor is added to the list available donors, he has been through a screening process and the sperm is not released without regular blood and urine tests. The profiles give detailed information about the donors’ family history and personal characteristics etc. These things do not change much.

  • Why do you list sperm donors with no available sperm in the donor search?+

    These are active donors, who are temporarily sold out. As we expect them to donate sperm again soon, they are still available to you. Please contact us for detailed information on a specific sperm donor.

  • What information about the sperm donors is available?+

    All donors have full profiles, but you can choose how much information you want. Basic profiles with information on the sperm donor’s physical appearance and a short description is available directly. You also have the option to create a free login which gives you access to in-depth information on all of our donors’ full profiles, including medical and family history, personality test and baby photos. Learn more about what information is available to basic and full profiles.

  • Why do I need a login to access full donor profiles?+

    When information is not protected by login or passwords, it is free for all to share. We want to protect the donors’ extensive information and pictures from search engines and potential abuse.
    You can browse the basic information of all available sperm donors without a login but by creating an account, you can access all available sperm donors’ baby photos and extended profile information.
    Learn more about the basic and full profiles.


Ordering & confidentiality

  • Is it safe to order online?+

    Your personal information (address, credit card information etc.) is transmitted via an encrypted secure connection. This means that all personal information submitted via our secure connection will not be readable by anyone attempting to intercept the transmission. This ensures your security and privacy. Learn more about shipping and ordering.

  • Will I get an order confirmation?+

    Yes. You will receive a confirmation email after you place your order. The email includes purchased items, the amount charged and an order number. Learn more about shipping and ordering.

  • When do I need to order my sperm?+
    • Within the EU, we ship within 2-3 business days. We recommend that you order at least 10 business days before the expected insemination date to ensure a stress-free process.
    • We offer a free courtesy hold for your purchased units up to 30 days. On the 30th day, we need to ship the units or ask you to book a storage.
    • Keep in mind that deliveries are made on business days only.
    • We offer rush orders in exceptional circumstances. A rush fee is added.
    • Shipments to countries outside Europe usually take longer than a week due to customs processing and longer transit times.

    Learn more about shipping and ordering.

  • Do you charge extra for popular sperm donors?+

    We charge the same price for all donors. All our sperm donors are of the highest level, each with excellent health history and unique individual interests. Learn about our prices.

  • Do I need to contact my physician before I order sperm?+

    Yes. We require that all patients are under the care of a healthcare professional. Learn more about becoming pregnant through insemination in our 8-step guide.

  • Can I always order sperm from my favourite donor?+

    The sperm in stock for a given donor changes on a daily basis, when units are sold and added to our stock. This means that we cannot guarantee that samples from your favourite donor will be available at all times.

    If you feel strongly about using a particular donor until you become pregnant – or if you would like to have other children using the same donor – you can pre-purchase units in a Parent Storage to guarantee their availability when you need them.

  • How do you make sure that my personal information is confidential?+

    We take all necessary precautions to safeguard your privacy. Without your explicit permission, the information you share with us is held in strictest confidence, unavailable to any third party other than your healthcare professionals.

    We also respect our sperm donors’ privacy and only release information about the donors with their permission. Please note that a sperm donor’s contact information will only be given to an adult child by the donor, and only if the donor is open.


Storage & returns

  • What type of sperm storage options do you offer?+

    We offer storage at our premises for a period ranging from 3 months to 10 years.

    Purchasing units to put into a storage account is the best way to ensure that units from the donor you have selected are available for both current and future cycles as well as siblings. Read more about Parent Storage.

    If you buy and store sperm for a long time, please be aware that the donor might reach the pregnancy limit for your country. Therefore, we recommend you to also purchase a Pregnancy Slot.

  • Can I return my unused donor sperm?+

    No. Once the donor sperm has left our premises, we can no longer guarantee its status and quality. Therefore, we cannot re-offer it to health professionals and their patients.


Pregnancy & limitations

  • What is a Pregnancy Slot?+

    Some treatment countries require a Pregnancy Slot. This gives you the right to use the same donor for more than one child. It ensures you a continued use of the donor’s sperm throughout your treatment. This is a means to limit the number of families with the same donor in each country. Learn more about Pregnancy Slot.

  • What is a Barnrett?+

    For Norway only. Barnrett is the Norwegian version of Pregnancy Slot and is subject to special regulations. A Barnrett gives you the right to have one (1) child with a specific donor. This means that you must buy a Barnrett for each child, you plan to have. Straws bought with a Barnrett may only be used for repeat cycles for the same pregnancy – not for siblings. Learn more about Pregnancy Slot.

  • Do you have a pregnancy limit policy?+

    We carefully monitor our donors in order to comply with regulations regarding the total number of families/children per country by thoroughly analysing the number of sperm units donated and the total number of pregnancies reported per country. The pregnancy reporting also includes management of reported miscarriages and the health of offspring for each donor.

    The pregnancy limit policy is also the reason why you have to select place of treatment and nationality in the donor search. This ensures that your donor is available to you for your treatment in your chosen country.

    When the number of families for a country for any donor approaches the limit, we only sell remaining sperm units to families who already have a child from the same donor.

    If you wish to reserve donor sperm for your future treatment, we recommend that you book a Pregnancy Slot and a Parent Storage in advance

  • What is Home Insemination?+

    From 1st July 2018 Danish legislation forbids the shipment of sperm directly to a client’s home for home insemination. Read more about it here.

  • What does availability mean?+

    Basically, availability means whether the sperm donor has straws in stock or not.

    In the donor search, you can see if the sperm donor is available or not. You can also sort your donor search by availability.

    If a sperm donor donates on a regular basis, his straws will be released continually. If the sperm donor is not a regular, occasionally fewer or no straws may be available. If a sperm donor is sold out, you can click the option 'Notify me when back in stock' on the donor page, and you will get an email as soon as the straws are released


Health & safety

  • Is the sperm donor's blood type important?+

    The sperm donor's blood type may be important to consider if the mother is Rh negative (Rh-), as this blood type in women may cause antibodies to reject a foetus that is Rh positive. However, it is worth noticing that children do not always inherit the same blood type as their biological parents. Learn more about our sperm donors.

  • What does IUI and ICI mean?+

    IUI sperm has been washed, whereas ICI holds all of the naturally occurring ejaculate fluid and cells.

    If you are in doubt about what kind of straw to purchase, we recommend that you ask your clinic or healthcare professional. You are also welcome to contact us for advice.

    Learn more about sperm quality and IUI and ICI


The future

  • How does my child come in touch with the sperm donor?+

    If you chose an open sperm donor for your insemination, your child (and your child only) can contact us when he or she turns 18, and come in contact with the sperm donor after verification. The donor is under an obligation to have one (1) contact, i.e. a meeting in person, a phone call, email exchange or whatever is equivalent at that time. The contact is arranged by European Sperm Bank.